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September 2016
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Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements remain on top to the best sellers for health products in the dietary pills category. And there is huge and growing demand for this type of products as millions and millions of people are overweight and they seek the easiest solution to trim their waste line. There are basically three ways to lose weight: (1) follow a healthy diet with a reasonable daily calorific intake, (2) exercise regularly with cardiovascular exercises that burn fat fast and (3) consume natural weight loss supplements that add the best ingredients for a balanced and slim body. Everyone knows point one and two, but a majority of people like to enjoy tasty unhealthy food like pizzas and hamburgers, and they do not feel like exercising on a regular basis. That is why they are always looking for the newest supplements that could help them reduce their size with minimal effort. Green coffee beans have only become popular recently and so far the results are encouraging with most people losing a few pounds in just a few weeks.

How to Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight

The dreaded weight issue. Almost everyone at some point in their lives will inevitably wake up one morning, put on a pair of pants, and come to one of two conclusions: Either someone has broken into your house and replaced your entire dresser drawer with size 29 pants, or it’s time to reevaluate your lifestyle. Weight gain is sneaky like that. Since we generally surround ourselves with the same people, and go about our daily routine without thinking, neither them nor you notice the gradual gain of weight…until a button flies off in the middle of dinner.

Whether you’re categorized as “overweight” or “obese,” there is no quick-fix solution to shedding those pounds. It’s a long process that could take months, if not more, depending on where you currently stand on the weight scale, and its distance from your goal. So even though everybody is different, and everybody has different goals and different amounts of weight to lose, there are a set of uniform steps and guidelines that will get you started along the path to reaching a healthy weight, and keeping it.

First and foremost, get better sleep! Sleeping is actually one of the main determining factors of our level of health, both physical and mental. In this case, I’m talking good sleep, between 6 and 8 hours a night at a cool temperature, with no, and I repeat no television playing in the background. This silence will allow you hit deeper levels of sleep faster, allowing you to fully recharge and wake up feeling great, and not groggy.

Second, formulate a regular schedule, including your sleep time. This can be difficult, because of work, kids’ schedules, etc., etc. But maintaining a routine is important in setting the ground work for your body to succeed at anything, especially weight loss. This includes eating at regular times as well…speaking of eating…create a healthy diet! Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and fish are nutrient rich sources of energy that will fuel your workouts as well as drastically reduce the amount of saturated fats in your current diet.

Third, walk. Yes, it’s that simple, walk. Don’t just go on walks in the evening twice a week, but walk everywhere! Take the stairs, park farther away from your office, walk around your house…anything! Studies have shown that walking for just ten minutes each day will have positive effects on your metabolism, as well as help begin the process of your body’s transformation. In this case, you literally have to walk before you can run.

Now as you go along, your body will gradually acclimate to your new lifestyle, and you’ll be able to increase your workouts in order to reach your ultimate goal. But once there, you simply cannot stop and go back to shoving potato chips down the ol’ throat by the handful and expect the weight to stay off. The best way of maintaining your weight is to do the exact same thing that got you there.

Maybe keep around a pair of pants or a shirt that you used to have to wear as reminder of how far you’ve come so that you’ll never become complacent, because you must always be actively working toward your goal, whether it’s working toward it, or to keep it, always remember this: The work may seem easier, but it never ends.

Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee

coffee-cupIt’s amazing how many Americans will settle for a terrible cup of coffee made from freeze dried grounds, and how some of them will even feel satisfied after drinking it. Let me put the record straight about ‘instant’ coffee.

On the coffee plantations around the world, the freshly picked beans are put into barrels of water to wash them and test for disease. Those that sink are healthy, and are taken away to be ground or packed for fresh coffee. Those that float are diseased, or unfit to use, and these get scraped off and used to make instant coffee.

That’s why there is such a taste difference between the two. Fortunately, diseases found in coffee plants can’t be transferred to humans, but there is only one sure fire way to protect yourself from a potential virus: make fresh coffee.

The process starts with the coffee itself. Like most luxury items (just because people are addicted to it doesn’t mean it’s a given human right!), the more you can spend on coffee, the better quality you’ll get. The best types, such as Jamaican Blue Mountain, can go for $50 for 100 grams, but you don’t need to spend that much for a decent cup.

There is little difference between pre-ground coffee and coffee beans, apart from you need a grinding device for the beans. Some people prefer the taste of freshly ground coffee, but it’s important to make sure you get the correct coarseness of grain for your coffee maker.

Coffee also comes with different strengths, and it’s good to have an idea of your caffeine tolerance before you go shopping. With coffee in hand, it’s time to a make the perfect cup. If you have an electric coffee maker, follow the instructions.

These guys know what they’re doing. If you’re using a cafetiere or stove top device, read on. You need to pack your coffee down a little (plunging the plunger in the cafetiere will do this for you), and most importantly, use water that isn’t quite boiling. This means taking the kettle off just before it boils, or putting your stove top device on a low heat.

Boiling water burns the coffee and gives it a very bitter taste (another thing that people do with instant coffee is pour boiling water on it), whilst very hot water allows the flavors of the coffee to come through. Purists will drink it black to preserve the flavor. If you must add cream and sugar, do so in moderation so you get the full benefit of the taste of the bean.

Health tips for the new year

Now that the festivities are over, it is time to take good resolutions regarding your health for 2014 and beyond. So here we herald a few tips that will help you get on the right track.

High blood pressure is a predicament for many people and usually exercising will help lower your heart rate. Think about it, marathon runners have a heart beat at 50 per second if not less. This is because they do regular isometric exercises.

Sleep is fundamental for your health as adults who sleep too much or not enough generate a lack of equilibrium in their metabolism. For adults the recommended number of daily sleeping hours is around 8, plus or minus 90 minutes. If you have problems falling asleep at night, listen to pink noise like rain, it will lead to more relaxing dreams.

Did you know that your thyroid is the main organ responsible for burning fat and losing weight? Henceforth it is crucial to make sure it has all the power from potent nutrients so that if delivers its maximum power. Two minerals it needs to be nourished of are iodine, found in yoghurt and selenium abundant in Brazil nuts.

With respect to your liver, drinking coffee in the morning, but avoid the decaffeinated version which lucks potency. Coffee is know to boost your heart and your brain, but a recent study showed that it is also an ally of your liver as it may prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

How about your joints? Broccoli is already famous for its numerous health benefits, but it can also support your joints thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, in particular from one of its components called sulforaphane. But favor the fresh vegetable as the frozen version has lost some of its power in the freezing process.

Your bones and your skeleton are the infrastructure of your body and as such you must pay attention to them and maintain their strength as you age. That is why some regular exercising will improve their robustness, even running or just brisk walking twice a week.

If you want to keep a great sight of the world around you with a sharp vision, make sure to wear UV-blocking glasses. Because ultraviolet rays not only reach your skin but also your eyes (in fact your eyes are part of your skin). UV lead to cataract which in turn lead to blindness, so block them as much as you can.

Did you know that using sun cream on a daily basis, even in the winter, will lead to a nicer skin with less wrinkles. This is what a recent study demonstrated and you should follow their advice if you want to look younger longer.

Why green coffee

Green coffee bean extracts are all the vogue on the Internet and demand is so high that manufacturers have to work 24/7 to produce enough supplements for everyone seeking to lose a pound or two with minimum effort. But two years ago no one in the nutrition circles was talking about such appetite suppressant formula. So what happened in recent times to explain this sudden spike in interest for a derivatives of coffee, coffee itself being known and drunk by everyone for hundreds of years? Very simply this product was shown on a famous American show and since then it has taken the Internet by storm.

There is no need to hide the name of this specific TV show so here it is: Dr. Oz show. Not only did he first discuss the benefits of green coffee beans, but he also created his own experiment. Dr. Oz is a highly qualified health personality as he is a certified surgeon and the chairman of the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital. He is considered a scientist as he authored and co-authored hundreds and papers related to medicine, and he has earned numerous scientific awards. And he also teaches at Columbia University.  His show is highly popular and it is produced by none other than Oprah Winfrey.

So when Dr. Oz first mentioned that green coffee extracts could be efficient in helping burn fat faster he received a lot of criticism from the media and the scientific community. And not without reason as very few research had been conducted on humans to determine if such supplement had any effect at all with regards to losing some weight. Even though this doctor was highly regarded in the scientific community before hosting his show, some believes that he has lost his touch and now is mostly a media person trying to be noticed but sometimes without a real foundation in his arguments.

Dr. Oz who is not the kind of guy to decline a challenge, counter-attacked with an experiment that he designed himself. He run the test on 100 women around 30-40 years old. Half of them received green coffee bean extract supplements, the other half received a placebo. They took this twice a day for two weeks, not knowing if they were getting the real thing or the useless placebo. And the results speak for themselves. The ladies who got the supplement lost twice as much weight as the ones who did not. Both groups lost weight so it could sound surprising if the placebo has no effect. The reason is that all women were interested in losing weight and they all kept a diary about their nutrition. As they knew they were tested and they will participate in the TV show, they all had a bias to be careful about what they were eating during this period, and this is why even with the placebo they still lost a bit of weight.

Since that show there is an explosion in demand for green coffee and we will soon discuss some reviews about the various products available on the market.

The benefits of green coffee

In recent years green coffee bean extracts have become popular as a supplement for health-conscious people trying to control their weight. Indeed these supplements are among the most sought after in the category of Appetite control & suppressants supplements. This is in no small part due to this natural product being discussed on a famous TV show hosted by Doctor Oz.

Green coffee extracts can help you lose a few pounds. This is what Professor Ernst Edzart from the University of Exeter concluded on the basis of three clinical studies. Professor Ernst is a researcher who carefully and critically studies complementary and alternative medicine products and research results. We have long known that drinking coffee prevents obesity. What recent scientific research has shown is that an important component of coffee, chlorogenic acid, is probably responsible for this effect.

Chlorogenic acid is for the most part destroyed during the roasting of coffee beans, hence the fact that we are now interested in extracts of unroasted coffee beans (also called ‘green beans’) to fight against overweight situations. Note that the effect of green coffee bean supplements remains moderate: a loss of 2.5 kg over a period of 1 to 3 months can be expected. A sustainable weight loss is only possible if we radically change our eating habits. And for that matter, the focus should be on eating mostly nutritious foods.

Chlorogenic acid is a powerful natural antioxidant useful for delaing atheromatous plaque creation in the arteries and thus delaying the onset of cardiovascular disease. It also has a bactericidal role (kills bacteria) and a fungicidal role (kills fungi), plus it is antiviral. In addition, it is an antioxidant and an inhibitor of some esters which play a role in the development of tumors. So there is a long list of benefits for consuming this acid beyond the ones related to weight loss.

Green coffee has virtues similar to those of green tea. It is a diuretic so it is normal to lose weight from it and it is an excellent antioxidant. A 2009 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that the chlorogenic acid content in green coffee is the cause of weight loss. This natural molecule decrease the absorption of sugars in the digestive system and accelerates the burning of fat. But beware, green coffee beans extract is not a diet or a miracle product, it must be taken in a timely manner, in addition to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

It is not recommend for a person with heart problems because it is a powerful exciting substance, which can lead to experiencing stress or depression. In view of the ingredients in the beans, it is normal not to feel tired and even to feel fit, but these are only impressions. Stimulants that you swallow will take over your fatigue, but not solve the original problem. A sleep therapy would be more effective for that purpose.